NAEYC Accredited Program

How can parents know if a preschool provides high quality care and education?

We are proud that both Bluebonnet schools are accredited by NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children). NAEYC is has been termed the “gold standard of early childhood program accreditation” by the Wall Street Journal. Our Cedar Park location has been NAEYC accredited since 2004, and the newer Canyon Creek location was first accredited in 2014.


Choosing an accredited preschool for your child can make a significant difference in your child’s early care experience, as well as success in future schooling. Parents want a program that encourages an inventive and creative child – one that doesn’t squelch a child’s natural curiosity.

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Parents want a program that nurtures the child, one that offers transparent and frequent communication and one that gives the child a head start in school. But most parents want more than even that. Parents want a program that encourages an inventive and creative child – one that doesn’t squelch a child’s natural curiosity.

Obtaining accreditation is voluntary; a preschool chooses to demonstrate quality far beyond the minimum licensing standards enforced by the State of Texas. An accredited early childhood facility indicates that it provides a strong and positive, nurturing educational experience for both children and their parents.

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NAEYC is the oldest and best known early childhood accrediting agency. In Texas there are over 9000 licensed child care centers, but of those only about 300 are NAEYC accredited early childhood programs.

Accreditation is a school-wide goal that involves teachers, administrators and parents; the process takes many months. Everyone is working to make the education and care of children the best it can be.

NAEYC standards are rigorous; they require frequent one-to-one, face-to-face interactions between each child and teacher, smaller group sizes, as well as strong parent participation. Primary consideration is given to each individual child’s experience. NAEYC’s standards include health and safety, and they focus on developmentally appropriate curriculum and teaching practices, tracking of each individual child’s development, and high standards for teacher education, management and leadership.

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Both the Canyon Creek and Cedar Park locations have also achieved the Texas Rising Star rating and is certified at the Four Star level, the highest quality rating awarded by the Texas Workforce Commission.